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These iOS 16 Camera And Photo Features Are Incredibly Useful

By: Shaurya Sharma

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Last Updated: October 03, 2022, 14:16 IST

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These iOS 16 tips will come in handy (Image: Apple)

These iOS 16 tips will come in handy (Image: Apple)

Updated to iOS 16? Check out these cool new camera and photo features that will prove to be useful.

Now that the dust has finally settled after everything Apple released in the month of September, in retrospect, iOS 16 and its new features stand out. Not only does it offer the biggest iOS overhaul in years, but it suggests that Apple is open to making the necessary changes to better the quality of life for its users. Along with some intuitive features including the customizable lock screen and Personalized Spatial Audio, here are some nifty photos and editing features that will prove to be handy for you.

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Copy and Paste Edits in the Photos App

Before iOS 16 came, resorting to apps like VSCO or Lightroom Mobile was the only option if you wanted to copy the attributes of an image that you edited in-app to another image. Now, if you choose to an edit an image in the default iOS Photos app, you can now copy the edit and paste it to another image of your liking. This feature is bound to come in handy for photographers and other social media content creators who want to quickly edit a batch of similar photos.

Remove The Background With A Tap and Hold

Starting with iOS 16, you can now simply tap and hold the subject in an image to lift it from the background. This feature solves a minor but time-consuming inconvenience that people face while removing the background of an image. Normally, you’ll have to use apps like Photoshop to manually remove the background, but fortunately, Apple has brought this great quality of life feature to enable this in a couple of seconds. Upon lifting the object, you can keep holding it and then paste it in any app like Instagram, Twitter or Notes.

Hide Images and Lock Them Using Biometrics

Earlier with iOS 15, you could have hidden the images or videos in the Hidden tab inside the Photos app, but locking them using biometrics was not possible. Now, with iOS 16, you can hide a photo/video by tapping on the three-dotted menu in the top-right corner, and then selecting hide. Once hidden, you will need to head to Utilities > Hidden and then your phone will display a prompt that asks for either Face ID or Touch ID authentication depending on your iPhone model, ergo, now you don’t have to worry about people finding your private media.

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iCloud Shared Photo Library To Share Memories With Loved Ones

We often click a lot of photos with our family and friends but fail to share them among ourselves. For ease of use, Apple has brought a iCloud Shared Photo Library feature, using which you can create a library with up to five people in it. Members can share, edit, delete and give captions to images, just like they would with their own photo library. You can also click an image for it to be added to a shared library automatically if you choose to do so in the camera app.

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first published:October 03, 2022, 14:16 IST
last updated:October 03, 2022, 14:16 IST