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This Festive Season Brighten Up Your Social Media With These 7 Photography Hacks

By: Priyanko Sarkar

Last Updated: October 24, 2019, 17:42 IST

This Festive Season Brighten Up Your Social Media With These 7 Photography Hacks

A win-win story featuring seven of the best pro tips that you can use to light up your festive pictures

With the festive season in full swing, we figure this is as good a time as any other to tell you how to use your smartphone to capture the best images using your camera’s many different settings. Of course, if you see these features missing from your phone, you know what you need to buy right away. So, here’s a win-win story for you featuring seven of the best pro tips that you can use to light up your festive pictures.


Know Your Camera Settings

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You don’t need a catalogue or expensive online courses to learn how to click great pictures on your smartphone. Simply spending time with your smartphone’s Camera settings will do the trick. Some smartphones require you to go to Settings to change your camera’s features while others like OnePlus make it as simple as swiping up from the Camera itself to open all the relevant settings you might need to shoot the perfect picture. Use the Pro mode with your custom settings to find your voice as a photographer. If you’re shooting videos, try shooting in slow-mo or use 4K at 60 fps to see what you like better. Save your favourite modes so you don’t always need to spend time getting it right. Add watermarks if needed and keep practising till you get it right.  

Put DSLR Pictures To Shame

Smartphones today are on the verge of making bulky DSLRs obsolete. Every year, smartphones upgrade the camera and bring in features that even DSLR cameras may not be able to produce easily. The new range of OnePlus smartphones have 2x telephoto lens and ultra-wide-angle to capture panoramic shots with ease even as its triple cameras ensure that you get the perfect click, no matter the situation. Seriously, if you’re clearing out stuff this festive season, do take a long hard look at your DSLR and ask if you need it after watching your smartphone’s performance.


Bring Your Selfie Game On Point

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Selfies are all the craze and a trend that refuses to die down. Why should it, when new features like pop-up selfie cameras and better resolution front cameras are increasingly becoming the norm. If you’re truly into selfies, head to your camera’s settings and turn off the Mirror effect that flips your selfie. Once turned off, your selfies will look more natural and thus, will be more effective.

Befriend Google Lens 

Google Lens is the best addition to cameras we’ve seen in a long time. Simply turning it on is enough to bring a world of knowledge right on your camera screen. Whether it's storing email addresses or scanning codes or even translating foreign languages, Google Lens on smartphones like OnePlus is here to help you out by providing a visual aid when required. Use it a few times and see just how addictive it is at providing information that would otherwise stay hidden behind your camera lens.

Click Awesome Night Shots 

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Capturing great shots at night used to be a task just until a couple of years ago on smartphones. However, things have improved radically on night capture in today’s range of smartphones. By extending the power of long-exposure photography and using intelligent technology like Nightscape 2.0 like OnePlus does, for instance, getting incredible night shots without grainy or blurry shots is now a reality. The trick, of course, is lots of practice and utilizing the night mode effectively.

Capture Powerful Portraits 

Want the perfect display picture for social media? There is nothing better than a portrait! Portraits are powerful images because they allow you to focus on the most essential part of the picture and draw attention to it immediately. Tap the object you need to focus on and click a portrait image with your smartphone. Advanced smartphones like OnePlus’ latest series use features like Smart Content Detection to automatically suggest the correct mode for taking pictures. They also have a smart Depth Effect that pre-determines the right distance from which you can take the perfect portrait picture. The trick is to find what options your smartphone offers and make the most of it.

Edit Images Like A Pro

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Okay, you’ve clicked a bunch of great pictures with the above-mentioned tips. Hang on, there’s still one last thing left to do. Use an external image editing software to enhance your image and make it truly second to none. Once you learn how to use them effectively, apps like Snapseed and VSCO will help to take your image from good to great.

Use these tips to bring alive the festive season and cherish it for a lifetime. Happy Diwali!

first published:October 24, 2019, 14:36 IST
last updated:October 24, 2019, 17:42 IST