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Twitter Has Apologised For The Buggy App For Apple iPhone, And Promises a Fix

Image for representation. (Photo: Reuters)

Image for representation. (Photo: Reuters)

On Twitter's iOS app, an auto-scrolling bug caused users' timelines to refresh automatically at any moment, preventing them from reading or writing a tweet.

There are apps and there are unintended bugs. Over the last few days, Twitter users on iOS have been facing a bug that has left them annoyed. Apparently, there has been an auto-scrolling bug, which means that their timelines refresh automatically at any moment. This created a lot of fuss as users often were unable to read a tweet fully before the auto-refresh happened. Twitter accepted the bug in the app for Apple iPhones and has since issued an apology, along with a promise to fix the bug. Twitter support wrote in the tweet, “We know your timeline auto-scrolling on iOS is frustrating and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’re working on fixing this now. Thanks for sticking with us.”

In another tweet, it wrote, “A fix for the auto-scrolling bug is rolling out now! Thanks for your patience while we worked on this. Please update your iOS app to version 8.1.5 when it becomes available for you.” Twitter is offering a fix to the auto-scrolling bug through its latest update on Apple’s App Store. As clarified in the tweet, it will be available in the version 8.1.5 on iOS devices. However, as soon as Twitter announced the rolling out if another update, iOS users started to mention other major problems and issues.