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Twitter Reportedly Wants to Buy TikTok, But Microsoft Remains the Favourite

Representative Image.

Representative Image.

Twitter is believed to have approached Bytedance with an enquiry on the matter, but analysts do not expect Jack Dorsey's social media platform to have the financial might to beat Microsoft to the deal.

Twitter has reportedly expressed interest in taking over the US operations of TikTok, after technology giant Microsoft emerged as the leading company to potentially acquire not just TikTok’s US operations, but all of TikTok. However, reports on the matter suggest that Twitter’s approach of Bytedance is only a preliminary approach at best, and it is unlikely that Twitter would be able to pull together ample finances to rival Microsoft’s bid for the service.

Microsoft’s deep financial pockets has reportedly put it at the forefront to acquire the controversy-ridden social media app, which has seen plenty of discussions around the world. Bytedance’s most popular application, TikTok saw massive growth in the past couple of years, as it expanded its operations to all parts of the world. However, the past few months have been tumultuous for TikTok – in late June, it was suspended from operating in India, the largest foreign market for TikTok. Following this, it now stands at a September 15 deadline in USA, by which time it is expected to either sell its US operations to an American company, or be suspended in yet another major market.

However, as per reports, Twitter is unlikely to be TikTok’s final destination in USA, as analysts remain skeptical about Twitter having enough financial power to beat Microsoft to the deal. A Reuters report on the matter states that Twitter’s management would rather want Jack Dorsey’s Twitter to focus on expanding the operations of its core business, rather than acquiring a new medium and increase liabilities.

That, though, has not stopped creators from imagining how a Twitter-TikTok crossover may work, should the deal actually be pulled off. A GitHub user named the crossover ‘TwikTwok’, which shows a TikTok like interface that is interlinked with Twitter profiles, as well as Twitter-esque reposting format. While Twitter is a more obvious social media giant than Microsoft, the latter also owns LinkedIn, which primarily operates as a professional social network.

While TikTok will be a major departure for Microsoft on this note, it will also add diversity to the technology giant’s portfolio, and might also lead to un-banning of the app in various nations.