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Twitter Shuts Threaded Replies As Users Struggle to Read Conversations, Twttr App Also Shuttered

Twitter Threaded Replies

Twitter Threaded Replies

Twitter had launched the Twttr prototype app to testers to experiment with new features on the platform. Thread replies feature was rolled out to select users in May this year.

Twitter has announced that the company is discontinuing threaded replies on tweets that were launched in May this year to make conversation "easier to read." The micro-blogging platform shared the development in a tweet where it notes that the threaded replies were discontinued after users' feedback. Additionally, the company is also shutting down its experimental app 'Twttr' that the company had launched to testers in March 2019. The prototype app was designed to test new ways of conversation on the platform.

Starting with threaded replies, the company began testing the feature back in May with iOS and web users. The threaded-conversation essentially allowed users to reply to a specific tweet, therefore eliminating clutter in a long Twitter thread. The feature is similar to Facebook's Reply to Comments option and similarly, to view the entire conversation, users have to select the 'Show Replies' button. Twitter, in its latest post, says that the reply layout was making it "harder" for users to read and join conversations. "So we've turned off this format to work on other ways to improve conversations on Twitter," the post further read.

Similarly, the company is officially shutting down its prototype app namely, Twttr that was available to testers since March 2019. The company added that testers must switch to the regular Twitter app to enjoy its services. In a tweet, Twitter said, "We appreciate the feedback you gave us through this run of our prototype app twttr. For now, we're turning it off so we can work on new tests to improve the conversation experience on Twitter." The experimental app was first introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019. Its primary focus to test experimental features like new designs for threaded conversations, apply labels and colour-coded responses, among other things. At the moment, the exact date of shutting down of Twttr remains unclear.