Vi Launches GIGAnet Integrated Service, Calls it the Strongest 4G Network in India

Vi Launches GIGAnet Integrated Service, Calls it the Strongest 4G Network in India

Vi, erstwhile Vodafone-Idea, claims that GIGAnet is the country’s largest network integration done through spectrum refarming.

Vi, the Indian telecom operator that recently rebranded from Vodafone-Idea, has announced the launch of GIGAnet, which it claims is the first of its kind spectrum refarming exercise in the world. According to the operator, Vi GIGAnet is India’s largest network integration that has been done through a spectrum refarming exercise, and has been completed in record time. GIGAnet has reportedly deployed some of India’s largest ma-MIMO network sites, which are also powered by artificial intelligence to streamline the network quality and improve the overall speeds and consistency of the network for Vi’s users.

According to Vi, GIGAnet will seemingly offer “India’s largest deployment of universal cloud, making it the strongest, future-ready, new-age, dynamic network of these times, to accommodate the enormous amount of data traffic that the post-Covid world has seen.” The upgrade to the integrated network will seemingly expand the network capacity, and upgrade the network to stronger capacities and faster speeds.

Speaking on the rollout of GIGAnet, Vishant Vora, chief technology officer of Vodafone-Idea, said in a statement, “The role of telecom networks is no longer restricted to calling or internet surfing, rather it has become the ‘oxygen’ to survive and thrive. GIGAnet is Vi’s effort to move beyond connectivity to be the platform for a digital society. It offers faster downloads and uploads, low latency and real-time connectivity. It delivers strong, consistent and uninterrupted performance and is the answer to the hyper connectivity needs of today’s individual smartphone users as well as large corporates, SMEs and government bodies.”

The network integration operation can seemingly help Vi address concerns regarding its overall network quality, which is one of the reasons why the operator has seen a consistent landslide in its market share and user count. It now faces steep losses in light of the adjusted gross revenues (AGR) ruling passed by the Supreme Court of India, and will now hope that an upgrade to its network may help attract major foreign investors and revive its fortunes in a cut-throat telecom market in India.

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