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Virtual Hugs, Dance Parties, Group Calls and More: Here's What is Trending on Google Search

Image for Representation.

Image for Representation.

People in India have searched for "Quarantine Birthday Wishes" more than anywhere else in the world in the past 30 days.

It is pretty evident that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed our everyday lifestyle and routines. As more people are locked indoors due to the COVID-19-induced lockdown, online searches are offering insights as to what people living in different countries are thinking and searching in the midst of the crisis. Google has been sharing its search data via Google Trends for the last couple of weeks which initially included "Quarantine Hobbies", "Chances of Children Getting Coronavirus", "How to Make Face Masks", and so on. However, the latest Google trends have revealed that people are increasingly looking for ways on how to conduct "Virtual Parties" and send "Quarantine Birthday Wishes" to their near and dear ones during this period.

People all around the world are searching "How to Stay Connected" more than ever before, as per Google. The company said that last month there was four times increase in people searching for "How to Keep in Touch" than “How to Keep Your Room Clean.”

There has also been a massive search spike for “Virtual Hugs”, “Virtual Dance Parties”, “Virtual Flowers” and “Quarantine Birthday Wishes”. Interestingly, people in the Philippines searched for “Virtual Huge” more than anywhere else in the last one month. Similarly, Australians have topped in searching for “Virtual Flowers”, while people in India have looked for “Quarantine Birthday Wishes” more than anyone. Besides, people all around the world have been searching for “Virtual Love”, “Virtual Get-togethers”, and “Group Calls” as well.

“The world is exploring ways to get together from a distance. In April, searches for tech that connects like “group call” and “group watch” hit all-time record highs worldwide,” Google said in a tweet.