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Want to Port Your Mobile Number Online? Here's How That Can be Done

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Last Updated: August 29, 2020, 17:20 IST

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Following are steps that you can follow to easily port your mobile number online.

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing most of us to be confined within the four walls of our house, it is needless to say that our dependency for a strong and stable internet connection has risen exponentially. But while we demand a seamless internet experience at all times, chances are that you have faced patchy or unstable connectivity at some point. Understandably, for those who cannot afford a strong broadband connection, mobile data is the only way to ensure that their workflow is maintained while working from home. But what if your area doesn’t offer stable mobile connectivity? Well, you can either try and request your mobile telecom operator to improve the connectivity or the most simple solution is to port your mobile number to another telecom provider that offers better service in your area. Today porting your mobile number is fairly easy and can be done without leaving your home. Here are some simple steps:

How to Port Your Mobile Number to Reliance Jio Online

- First, you need to download the MyJio app from Google Play Store or the Apple App store

- Open the app and then head over to the port section on the app

- You will come across two options that the app offers: Buy a new Jio SIM and keep the existing number or just change the network

- Next, you have to select the type of SIM you want - prepaid or postpaid

- Then choose a plan that you think is ideal for you and confirm your location for a doorstep or store pickup. Additionally, you can also track the delivery of your new Jio SIM.

How to Port Your Mobile Number to Airtel Online

- Download the AirtelThanks app available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App store

- Open the app to select plan you need and then confirm the port-in request

- An Airtel Executive will be sent at your place to the given address to collect your details and deliver your new SIM

How to Port Your Mobile Number to Vodafone-Idea Online

- Download the Vodafone-Idea app and enter your name, contact number and city on the Mobile Number Portability Page.

- Then select a Vodafone Postpaid plan that fits your requirement

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    - Next, click on the ‘Switch to Vodafone’ Button on the app page

    - Once everything is done, enter your address and pincode for the free SIM delivery

    first published:August 29, 2020, 17:20 IST
    last updated:August 29, 2020, 17:20 IST