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War In Ukraine: What Is Wiper Malware That Russia May Be Using For Cyber Attacks On Ukraine

By: S Aadeetya


Last Updated: February 24, 2022, 11:02 IST

Wiper malware is making the headlines with the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Wiper malware is making the headlines with the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Wiper malware has been around for many years now but the war in Ukraine scenario has brought it back into the limelight thanks to cyberattacks from Russia. Here's what the malware does.

Russia has started its special military operations in Ukraine on Thursday, and all eyes are glued to the cyberwar scenario. Reports have already confirmed Russian attacks on the Ukrainian Government websites, as well as other banking institutions that can cripple the nation. But a bigger concern is the use of a malware called wiper which has the ability to destroy all the data stored in a system as well as make it impossible to recover it.

What’s interesting is that some hacking tools have been developed recently, around two months back, for attacking Ukraine’s cyber resources. This means developing potent counterattacks for these malware will take some time giving an advantage to the attackers.

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So what is Wiper the malware, how does it attack PCs and are there concerns regarding its use in such attacks? Here is everything you need to know


What Is Wiper Malware

As the name suggests, Wiper malware can wipe all the data from any system infected, and the worst part is that data is unrecoverable. So, what is gone, is gone. Unlike most malwares in the public, wipers are not infected with the purpose of stealing money or taking ransom. The sole idea behind wiper attack is to destroy the entire system in question. So, in a war-like situation, wipers come in extremely handy for countries attacking.

How Does The Wiper Malware Attack PCs

The reason behind using a wiper malware is generally to erase proof of existence, something the other party wants to avoid coming in front of the world, in this case, Russia trying to hide its tracks.

Wiper even is capable of attacking the system recovery tools, which leaves the person or the organisation severely handicapped, with no data to certify their claims of an attack.

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It is likely that a malware as dangerous as wiper penetrates the system due to human error or lack of cyber hygiene. Security experts advise caution against downloading suspect files, or any software that is lining up for an update out of its usual schedule. IT administrators are supposed to monitor such activities, and alert the people about such attacks at regular intervals.

What Steps You Should Take To Prevent Any Malware Attack

- The main basis to cover for any security mishap are the same. As we always say, keep backing up all the crucial

data, so that you don’t lose it the moment a wiper malware attacks your main system.

- Strengthen the firewall systems for your organisation so that any suspect activity on the network can be detected

and prevented at the earliest.

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- Data recovery is a core point that many businesses don’t take seriously, making sure all the data processes are

regularly tested to avoid big mishaps.

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first published:February 24, 2022, 11:02 IST
last updated:February 24, 2022, 11:02 IST