Watch This Gorgeous Video of a Rocket Launch as Seen From Space

The launch sequence of a rocket is doubly fascinating, when seen from space. (Image: Pranay Pathole/Twitter)

The launch sequence of a rocket is doubly fascinating, when seen from space. (Image: Pranay Pathole/Twitter)

Something as gargantuan as a rocket turns into a tiny, tiny dot when seen from 400 kilometres above space.

Rocket launches are fascinating events to watch, even on live streams. They are one of a kind events, for not everyday do we get to send something out of our planet, or – thanks to Elon Musk now, receive them back as well in a few minutes. Now, a new video clip posted on Twitter by user Pranay Pathole has claimed to give us a glimpse at how a mighty rocket launch looks like from space. While rockets are mighty, wondrous machines, the unending vastness of space really puts things in perspective here, when one sees a tiny, fiery dot head upward into space. See it for yourself:

The minute-long clip is likely captured from one of the cameras aboard the International Space Station, which incidentally is almost set to celebrate its 20th birthday in less than a month, on November 2. At 0:07 in the clip, one can see a tiny dot, illuminated against a dark night sky, take off into space. Exactly 17 seconds later, at 0:24, viewers can see the rocket’s first stage separation, followed by what appears to be the second stage boosters firing up against the starry darkness of space 23 seconds later, at 0:47. It is also at this particular moment that towards the bottom of the screen, viewers will also be able to see a separate booster firing much closer to the Earth’s surface, suggesting that this launch that was caught in action was most likely one of SpaceX’s missions.

Elon Musk, through his company SpaceX, has made reusable rocket boosters a regular affair, and has even aced the practice of launching and catching his booster stages back on Earth both on solid ground and out in the ocean, on two of the most affable drone ships of all time – Of Course I Still Love You and Just Read The Instructions. The entire launch sequence’s video looks nothing short of a film strip borrowed from an Alfonso Cuaron or Christopher Nolan movie sequence.

Space missions have progressed in leaps and bounds, and so has SpaceX. Earlier this year, at the end of June, SpaceX pulled off its first manned mission to the ISS and back, with astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley kipping in to the Crew Dragon’s minimalistic interiors and pulling off a historic mission. Given how tiny a dot a rocket looks like against the vastness of Earth and space, it only affirms just how tiny mankind is, against what lies beyond all that we can see today.

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