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What is 5G Advanced, How Is It Different From 5G: All Details Explained

By: S Aadeetya


Last Updated: April 08, 2022, 13:38 IST

5G Advanced is the next-gen version of 5G network.

5G Advanced is the next-gen version of 5G network.

5G is yet to make its mark in most parts of the world and the industry is already working on the next-gen version called 5G Advanced with more capabilities. Here's what we know about it

5G networks have been established in most parts of the world, while some countries are working towards setting up their connectivity stations as we speak. 5G is about giving data speeds a new dimension, opening up more features and products for the consumer.

5G is heralded as the next-gen connectivity source for the evolution of AR/VR technology, making online gaming more accessible and giving IoT a new lease of life. And just as we picture the future of 5G in the market, the industry is moving to a new standard, called 5G Advanced. It promises to inject more intelligence, boost the overall performance and do all that with the environment in mind.

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So, what is 5G Advanced, how does it improve on the existing 5G network and what new features do we expect to see? Here is everything you need to know about the next-gen 5G variant.

What is 5G Advanced

As per the industry standards, 5G Advanced is like an upgrade on the existing 5G network connectivity. Telcos expect the network coverage to drastically improve, giving you consistent fast internet speeds. But it’s not just going to be about connectivity with 5G Advanced, as its capabilities are meant to surpass the existing features offered by the 5G network. It serves to inject more intelligence into solutions and deliver an improved end-user experience.

When is 5G Advanced Launching In The Market

The first release of 5G Advanced is due in 2024, so we don’t expect any official rollout to happen before 2025.

What To Expect From 5G Advanced

Experience New Life-Like Virtual Simulations

5G Advanced has all the tools required to make the metaverse concept become a success. The experiential nature of 5G Advanced advocates for the extended reality ecosystem, wherein a person can be situated inside their bedroom, but get to experience the beach with the waves flowing right beside them. You can do this before booking flights for your next vacation, and get a real impression of the weather in the region. It also will help narrow the gap between a physical and virtual event, opening up the gates for more hybrid events such as drone racing.

Give Wheels To Autonomous Vehicles

The 5G network has been all about answering your queries, but 5G Advanced is expected to be the true solution for the development of autonomous vehicles. Automation is the future, be it self-driving cars that are fully autonomous or industries adopting technologies for efficient operations. 5G Advanced is going to supplement these solutions with improved navigation systems and the results will make the products thrive in the near future.

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Enabling Daily Operations For Devices

The network has advanced but still, you have corners where any form of connectivity finds it hard to reach. 5G Advanced is here to bridge the gap and enable daily operations with the right solutions. It can help set up smart grids for power outlets, help farmers manage their agricultural resources and activities efficiently. The interlinking of devices makes the connectivity costs cheaper, without compromising on the performance.

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5G Advanced is set to become the bedrock on which the groundwork is being laid for the development of the 6G network, which is expected to be the beacon of the telecom industry in the next decade.

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