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WhatsApp Dark Mode Comes to iOS: How to Get it on Your iPhones

By: Shouvik Das

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Last Updated: February 21, 2020, 12:56 IST

The WhatsApp Dark Mode interface in the new iOS beta, showing new chat interface, splash screen and advanced search. (Images: WABetaInfo)

The WhatsApp Dark Mode interface in the new iOS beta, showing new chat interface, splash screen and advanced search. (Images: WABetaInfo)

WhatsApp Dark Mode on iPhones is now available on the latest beta update, along with Advanced Search and wallpaper blur.

WhatsApp Dark Mode has been one of the most anticipated updates for the app in recent times, and the same has already made it to WhatsApp's Android app beta, and the iOS version of WhatsApp for Business. Now, the latest beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, released with version earlier today, has finally brought the system-enabled dark theme to WhatsApp for iPhones. The update has come to WhatsApp's iOS beta, and WABetaInfo reports that the version uses iOS APIs to offer a pretty tight integration of the dark theme, so the dark theme update for the stable version may also come soon.

How to get WhatsApp Dark Mode on iPhones
According to a report disclosing the update, the dark theme has been rolled out with the latest beta. To get the update on your iPhones, access the TestFlight beta platform and update the app from there. It is important to note that the WhatsApp beta programme on iOS is already at its maximum capacity, so if you are not already on the beta programme, you will not be able to get it.

If you are on it, then update the app from there, open WhatsApp, wait until connection is established, close the app, and restart it again. If you still do not see the dark mode, take a backup of all your chats, uninstall the app and reinstall it from the TestFlight platform. When the app is newly downloaded, it automatically downloads all the latest resources from the server, which should bring the dark mode update to your app in case the normal update did not suffice. In the odd case that you still do not see dark mode on your WhatsApp app, you will need to wait until the next update enables it on your app.

How Dark Mode works on WhatsApp for iOS
Interestingly, WhatsApp has enabled the dark theme by complying with iOS 13's APIs, so if your iPhone is not on iOS 13 already, you will not be able to use the dark theme. For those who are on the latest iOS version, the theme of the app will be directly tied to the system theme, so if you already have the dark system theme enabled on your phone, WhatsApp should automatically switch to the dark theme.

The dark theme offers a dark splash screen when you open WhatsApp. Chat bubbles are updated to an olive green shade with white lettering, while any system information bubble delivered by WhatsApp (such as the encryption message at the top of a chat) is lettered in gold. The Dark Mode is enabled all across the WhatsApp interface, and looks worthy of being rolled out in a stable build in near future.

Other features in the new beta
WhatsApp for iOS beta version also brings a couple of improvements, the first of which is more noteworthy — advanced search mode. With this, when users access the search bar at the top of the interface, a categorical breakdown will show up with options for filtering the search through photos, GIFs, links, videos, documents and audio. This can be an important breakdown of the in-app search, and help users find older resources more easily. The search results are presented in either list view or grid view, depending on what you choose to see.

The second small refinement is the support for haptic feedback on iOS 13, which blurs the background wallpaper when you long press on a particular message. This is a considerably smaller update, but still works to improve the overall interface of the app.