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WhatsApp Disappearing Messages, Dark Mode and Other Upcoming Features

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages, Dark Mode and Other Upcoming Features

Google Assistant support, Instagram-like Boomerang Videos, Dark Mode and Disappearing Messages are some new WhatsApp features that i0S, Android users can expect soon.

The social messaging app WhatsApp has become a necessity for communications these days. Back in February 2018, it became one of the most popular apps of all time, with over one and a half billion users, and the number has gone up ever since. With the growing popularity and increasing numbers, the social chat app is planning to bring in some new changes and updates. While, it keeps introducing new features every now and then, to make the app user-friendly according to the needs, the Facebook-owned messenger might bring in some long-awaited changes this time.

As the tech experts are already speculating the possible changes that might be soon introduced, here is what all you should expect:

1. Disappearing Messages: It might sound like a bug, but as per sources, WhatsApp might be introducing disappearing texts into its app in the near future. The SnapChat-inspired new feature will let the sender set a time limit for the appearance of the text on the receiver’s app. According to a post shared by WABetaInfo, it said, “The feature is in an alpha stage of development: it means that WhatsApp is just starting to work on it, and no ETA is available to know when the feature will be available for everyone.”

2. Hidden muted status: Right now, the messaging app lets the users mute status updates if they don’t want to see it under their status bar. However, it remains visible in the users' feed at the bottom. The new update expects to bring a slight change in the feature, which will allow users to completely hide the status from the feed. If the user wants to view the hidden status in the feature, they can enable it with one-tap access.

3. Dark Mode: Dark Mode seems to be an important feature for all the major apps, including Gmail, Google Chrome and Facebook's Messenger. The next-in-line app to have the feature might be WhatsApp, with Dark Mode appearing on the messaging platform in the coming months.

4. Contact ranking: While there are hundreds of contacts in our WhatsApp list but we generally chat to only a few. This might become a little easier for users in future, with the new feature enabling the users to keep their favourite contacts up on top all the time.

5. Multi-platform support for WhatsApp: One of the biggest help is coming with WhatsApp support for multi-platform use. This will let the users access the app on multiple platforms simultaneously. However, as per sources, the new multi-platform feature will first come as a standalone app for Apple's iPad.

6. Boomerang videos: Instagram’s Boomerang feature has been a favourite among many. Soon, WhatsApp is also coming up with the feature, allowing users to play a video in loop. The new feature will be made available in the Video Type panel along with the convert to GIF feature.

7. WhatsApp calls using Google Assistant: Google Assistant has eased the life of people in many ways. However, there’s still one thing which is missing. Soon, the upcoming WhatsApp feature will let users make audio and video calls on WhatsApp using Google Assistant. For this, Android users have to update the WhatsApp and the Google Assistant app.