WhatsApp Group Invitation Control Coming Soon as Feature Hits Beta

WhatsApp Group Invitation Control Coming Soon as Feature Hits Beta

The new feature will finally bring control to users where they can decide if someone can add them to a group on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has reportedly started testing a group invitation feature which will give users the ability to decide who can add them to a group. With this feature, users will be able to avoid being added to a WhatsApp group without their consent. It will also offer them three levels of control over becoming members of a WhatsApp group.

While the feature is already built-in, it has been disabled probably because the company is still testing it and wants to remove any bugs and issues. This information was spotted in beta update version 2.19.55 by WABetaInfo.

The group invitation control feature spotted is the same feature that was released via a beta update for iOS TestFlight users. Once enabled, the feature will be available by heading to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups as claimed by WABetaInfo claims. The Groups sub-section which will allow users to choose between three control settings for invitation – Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. The first option will allow any WhatsApp user to add a you to a group without the need of sending an invite and waiting for approval. The My Contacts option will only allow users in your contact list to add you to a WhatsApp group without having to send an invite. If the person adding you to a group is not in your contact’s list, then they will be asked to send an invitation first and wait for you to accept or decline. The Nobody setting will prevent everyone from adding you to a group. Once the option is enabled, users will receive an invitation whenever an admin wants to add them to a WhatsApp group.

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