WhatsApp Groups Can Now be Muted Forever on Android, iOS May Get Update Too

WhatsApp Groups Can Now be Muted Forever on Android, iOS May Get Update Too

All WhatsApp users on Android phones will soon be able to mute their group chats forever, which appears to be a highly demanded feature among many.

WhatsApp users on Android phones have a new feature to celebrate, thanks to a new feature that has now appeared on WhatsApp for Android’s latest beta update. The feature in question is the ability to mute group conversations forever, and the latest update will change the interface for muting WhatsApp groups. As of now, users get the option to mute WhatsApp groups for 8 hours, one week or one year. Now, alongside the 8 hours and one week options, WhatsApp users on Android will get an ‘always’ option to tick, giving them respite from the irksome WhatsApp group conversations that they would rather avoid than be notified about.

WhatsApp group conversations have often been the attraction of much banter as well as controversies. While casual family groups are hotspots for new WhatsApp stickers, groups on WhatsApp have also faced considerable controversies in terms of cyber bullying, scams and other related activities. On this note, WhatsApp introduced a stricter privacy control, using which users can now restrict who can add them to a WhatsApp group. Once the privacy settings are on, group invitations will come in the form of a private message, which allows a user to see the group topic and members in it. The new feature allowing users to mute groups forever will add to this, hence giving stricter controls over group conversations.

Other new features that have been spotted in WhatsApp for Android’s latest beta update include the removal of voice and video call buttons from the interface of a WhatsApp business account, which appears to be a cosmetic overhaul. WhatsApp also has a new storage graphic that will show users how much space on their phones is WhatsApp media taking up, therefore giving them a fair clue of when to clean up storage. The other new feature is an automatic centering guide on WhatsApp images, which will allow users to add stickers more conveniently by accurately centering these elements.

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