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WhatsApp Has New Features For iPhone: First Glimpse of Dark Theme And More

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Last Updated: December 25, 2019, 10:36 IST

Representative Image.

Representative Image.

WhatsApp's new update for iOS users brings features like Haptic Touch, Low Data Mode and Contact Integration.

WhatsApp has, recently, launched a new update, called, through their TestFlight beta programme for iOS users. As per a report by WABetaInfo, the features mentioned in this new beta update will be available in the next official update on Apple’s App Store, which will be the version 2.20.10 of WhatsApp for iPhone.

The WhatsApp app for iPhone will now be using the iOS13 SDK, which means that WhatsApp will now start supporting certain iOS 13 features.

Haptic Touch
Haptic Touch will now support chat and media features. Moreover, when the user sends or receives location on WhatsApp, the map will appear in a dark theme provided the user in the phone settings has put the phone on dark mode.

Low Data Mode
Low Data Mode is an already existing feature of iOS 13. This feature reduces the amount of data that is consumed by compatible applications. Once this feature has been enabled on phone, WhatsApp will automatically enable this feature in its Data and Storage Usage Setting.

Contact Integration

Users can share items directly with some select suggested WhatsApp contacts, using the new iOS share sheet. When a user is trying to share a media file, a document or a contact through their Apple device, an automatic suggestion of users’ top WhatsApp contacts will pop up, for sharing files.

Chat fix
It was reported that some users in the past had complained about the incorrect chat badge that appeared after the number of messages crossed 999. In the new update if the number exceeds 999 the app will show “999+” badge.