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WhatsApp Integrates with to Let Users Set Reminders

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Premium members of productivity platform will be able to set a reminder within WhatsApp straight from ongoing conversations.

WhatsApp has partnered with, a productivity platform, in order to enable setting up of reminders without leaving the app. In order to use this feature, WhatsApp users will need a premium account membership of In a blog post, stated, "Introducing's WhatsApp Reminders Premium integration (available for Premium users only). A fast and easy way to create tasks and reminders straight from your ongoing conversations! Easily create tasks and get reminders in WhatsApp on any supported device." Users can set a reminder by sending a message to the bot on WhatsApp, and it will automatically remind the user about the task that needs to be accomplished. Furthermore, users can also forwards a message from an ongoing conversation, and also set a time at which they wanted to be reminded about the task, after which the bot will function as usual.

To set a reminder on WhatsApp, the users have to follow the following steps:

1. Open WhatsApp

2. Open the conversation

3. Enter ‘remind me to...’

4. will ask you for the reminder time

5. Add the time

In order to enable this feature on a device, the users will have to follow four steps:

1. Go to Settings - Integrations - WhatsApp

2. Add a phone number and tap send

3. Enter the six-digit code received via text, and confirm

4. Turn reminders on and start messaging to create tasks