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WhatsApp Support for All Windows Phones to End this Year

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

While WhatsApp will pull support for Windows phones on December 31, 2019, device backups and other extra features will remain for three added months.

WhatsApp has announced the end of support for all Windows-powered phones across the world. The move comes in line with Microsoft's announcement to cease support for its mobile operating systems based on Windows OS, in light of which all Windows Phone users will see the popular instant messaging service being pulled from the platform that will also not receive any further security updates.

"Following Microsoft's recent decision to end support for Windows Mobile devices in December, WhatsApp will release its final update for Windows phones in June. WhatsApp will continue working on Windows phones through the end of the year," revealed a WhatsApp spokesperson in a company statement.

Earlier, WhatsApp had announced the end of support for Windows Phone devices that were running on Windows Phone 8.0 or before, alongside Android 2.3.7 and iOS 7. While the Android ecosystem still has some devices that run on the massively outdated Android version, iOS has a far superior rate of adoption, with iOS 11 and 12 right now accounting for over 93 percent of all of Apple’s mobile devices.

Microsoft’s days with Windows operating systems never really took off, and while Windows Phone saw some initial adoption, it gradually started phasing out with lack of app support, poor maintenance and infrequent updates. With WhatsApp also pulling the plug, this is certainly the end of life for all Windows mobile devices, which still remain in use across the world.