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WhatsApp to Bring 'Storage Management' Feature to Android Devices

WhatsApp Beta has rolled out a new feature that will allow WhatsApp users to better manage their chat messages and the memory consumed by them on the device.

Updated:September 19, 2017, 2:47 PM IST
WhatsApp to Bring 'Storage Management' Feature to Android Devices
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WhatsApp continues to bring out new features for its users and this time, it has focused on a missing piece from the Android devices that run the chat platform. The Facebook-owned app now looks set to bring its granular storage management feature to Android devices, something that the iOS devices enjoyed since long. As a direct implication of the feature, WhatsApp users on Android will no longer have to manually delete each of the texts or media files in a conversation, hence saving much time and efforts.

The new storage management feature will allow users to get a detailed breakdown of the amount of memory consumed by each type of data on a WhatsApp conversation. This means, that the users can easily delete the unnecessary media files like funny clips usually shared in a WhatsApp group and still keep the important text exchanges. Users will be able to see a detailed list of all of their WhatsApp messages under this feature, including text messages, audio messages, images, GIFs, videos, shared documents, locations and contact cards. The list will also mention the space consumed by each of the message formats. Right below that is the option to select and delete any or all these types of messages, by the name of ‘Manage Messages’.

The feature has currently been seen in the v2.17.340 beta version of the app. Users interested to experience the feature can download the official beta version from the Play Store.

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