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WhatsApp Will Introduce Advertisements on Status Soon; Will You Stop Using The App?

Image for Representation (IANS)

Image for Representation (IANS)

WhatsApp will soon start showing Status Ads to its users, quite similar to how ads work on Instagram Stories. Read more to find out how these ads will work.

WhatsApp released a bunch of popular features for its users last year, it looks like 2020 is going to be an even more eventful year for the world's most popular instant messaging app. One of the most talked-about features that the Facebook-owned platform is expected to launch this year is Status Ads. Yes, you read that right. After Facebook, Instagram, and the litany of advertisements on your feeds across these apps, WhatsApp will soon join the club. In fact, at the Facebook Marketing Summit (FMC) 2019 in the Netherlands, WhatsApp had announced its intention to introduce 'Status Ads' soon. WhatsApp had said that in these 'Status Ads', users will be able to identify the name of the advertiser along with their associated advertisement. WhatsApp has not yet revealed when they will start rolling out the 'Status Ads' feature. The 'Status Ads' feature will be available for both iOS and Android users when it finally does go Live though.

However, already under fire due to privacy concerns, it will be interesting to whether a WhatsApp user's display picture and how much of a user's profile data, if at all, is seen by the advertisers. Users will have to swipe up to visit the advertised product or service's page, quite similar to how the same thing works in Instagram Stories. WhatsApp Ads will be integrated into your WhatsApp Status, much like Instagram ads on Instagram Stories. Your WhatsApp Status shows pictures, videos, texts and other multimedia file that you may be uploading to share with your contacts. WhatsApp ads will work in a similar manner. However, on your WhatsApp Status, only the name of the advertiser and a quick glimpse of the Ad will be shown. To see the complete advertisement, users will have to swipe up. WhatsApp will suggest ads to users on the basis of their interests and behaviour.