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When PUBG Mobile Decided Artificial Intelligence Would Help it in The War Against Cheats


Last Updated: March 04, 2019, 12:49 IST

When PUBG Mobile Decided Artificial Intelligence Would Help it in The War Against Cheats

Fighting cheaters is no new thing for PUBG Corp

Considering the meteoric rise in the popularity of the Battle Royale game PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds and its mobile version, called PUBG Mobile, it was perhaps only inevitable that the competitive streak in some of us became the reason for using unethical methods to get ahead in the game. Thus, also known as cheating. However, PUBG Corporation isn't entirely oblivious to this fact, and is now relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to weed out the cheats.

The PUBG team says that it uses a variety of anti-cheat protections like BattlEye and Uncheater to detect cheat attempts. On top of these two, the developers also applied a machine learning technique that "analyses players' usage patterns" and can detect "abnormal actions" that interrupt normal game operations. A whopping 3TB of game logs are analysed by the team every day, apparently, along with more than 10 million reports. As well as keeping an eye on the game, PUBG Corp monitors the places that enable players to cheat.

Fighting cheaters is no new thing for PUBG Corp, ever since the game launched. In the last two years, the team has made some big steps and banned over 13 million cheaters including pro players. According to PUBG's anti-cheat team, they are taking the fight even further with numerous improvements to their current solutions and unauthorized program detection systems.

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    Additionally, despite the immense popularity of the battle royale game, PUBG has become a subject of controversy, especially in India. There have been cases where students are neglecting studies and are said to be ‘addicted’ to the game. PUBG Mobile developers have issued a statement following the criticism and the request to ban it in India. The email statement reads, "We appreciate the support and trust given to us by our PUBG MOBILE players. While we strive to deliver the best possible gaming experience to our fans, we also believe that it is extremely important for us to be a responsible member of the gaming ecosystem. To this end, we constantly work and shall continue to work with different stakeholders, including parents, educators and government bodies, and listening to their feedback on what we can do to enhance the overall PUBG MOBILE experience.

    Chinese gaming giant Tencent on Friday announced new curbs on underage video-game playing as part of a government crackdown on youth gaming addiction that has cast a cloud over the company's biggest revenue source. Tencent said it had imposed a digital lock on some games that requires players under 13 years to ask their guardians to open. The new restriction will be piloted for the Chinese versions of the two hit games "Honor of Kings" and "PUBG Mobile".