Will Apple Launch Its AirPods Studio Headphones With iPhone 12? Here's All We Know

A leaked render of the Apple AirPods Studio. (Image Credit: Twitter/@jon_prosser)

A leaked render of the Apple AirPods Studio. (Image Credit: Twitter/@jon_prosser)

Apple's AirPods Studio over-the-ear headphones have been a much speculated offering from the Cupertino-based giant.


Darab Ali

Apple is set to launch the iPhone 12 series on October 13, the company announced earlier this week. We have heard about Apple working on a set of over-the-ear headphones which will possibly called AirPods Studio since a while. While it was being heavily speculated that Apple might unveil the AirPods Studio alongside the iPhone 12, Apple also recently removed headphones and wireless speakers from other brands from its stores, giving fuel to the longstanding rumour.

A lot has been reported about the AirPods Studio over the past few months, or rather years. The first time it was reported that Apple might bring a set of over-the-air headphones was in 2018. Over the course of time, reports have given us quite a lot in terms of what to expect from the AirPods Studio, if Apple does unveil it any time soon. Given the success of the AirPods, it is also likely that Apple might bring all its audio equipment under one range of products. Let's take a look at what all has been reported about Apple's speculated AirPods Studio headphones.

In May this year, 9to5Mac hinted at what the AirPods Studio icon might look like in iOS when it was first spotted in iOS 14 code. The icon showed a standard over-the-ear headphone with padded cups in a grey or white colour. However, that could have just been the difference between light and dark modes in iOS. Now, this icon is considered as a significant find, since the AirPods Pro, the PowerBeats Pro, and the PowerBeats 4, all were spotted in iOS code before being officially announced.

Further, the report also said that AirPods Studio will have a similar feature to the AirPods Pro's ear detection. However, it might work differently on the AirPods Studio. Instead of ear detection, the AirPods Studio are said to come with a feature that will detect if you're wearing the headphones or they're resting on your neck. Based on this, the AirPods Studio will play or pause music.

The AirPods Studio might also come with another sensor that will detect left and right ears to automatically route the audio channels. This means that the AirPods Studio won't have dedicated left and right earcups. This feature is seen on few other high-end headphones. Like other high-end headphones, the AirPods Studio are likely to come with Active Noise Cancellation and a transparency mode that will allow ambient sound inside the headphone for users to stay aware of their surroundings.

Earlier, a report in Bloomberg said in April that the Apple AirPods Studio might come with interchangeable earcups and Apple might bring at least two variations of the high-end headphones including a fitness-focused model.

More recently, an image and a video of the supposed AirPods Studio were posted on Twitter. The images, posted by one @choco_bit shows two squared-off earcups, attached to the headband with metal arms. The headband appears to have mesh padding, which looks similar to Apple's HomePod mesh design. @choco_bit said that there are the 'sport' variant of Apple's headphones.

Known tipster Jon Prosser also poted a render around the same time. The render shared by Prosser shows a similar design to the model shown earlier by @choco_bit. Prosser said that the materials on the headphones include high quality leather and metal, and come with a USB-C port and no headphone jack.

Another thing that is being speculated is that the AirPods Studio might come with Apple's ultrawide-band U1 chip. Last month, a tipster on Twitter hinted at the Apple headphones coming with the U1 chip. This chip could help Apple implement its features like audio routing depending on how the headphone is worn, or the neck-detection feature talked about above.

What is most interesting to note here is that Apple already sells high-end over-the-ear headphones under the Beats brand. It is not known whether Apple will keep the Beats and AirPods brands separate. Given how things have been in the past, and how Apple also integrates a bit of its tech in Beats, it looks like the Beats brand is not going anywhere for now.

It is not know as to how Apple will price the AirPods Studio, but a report had earlier said that Apple could price them around $349 (Rs. 25,580 by direct conversion), around the same price other high-end headphones are available for.

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