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Wimbledon Results on Google Search Have an Incredibly Fun Tennis Game: How to Play

Wimbledon Results on Google Search Have an Incredibly Fun Tennis Game: How to Play

The 8-bit Wimbledon game is found at the end of the results table at the top of Google Search, paying tribute to one of the most iconic competitions across the world.

  • Last Updated: July 11, 2019, 9:11 PM IST
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Google has a knack of coming up with easter eggs and little tributes during special events. Even beyond special occasions, you can play a range of iconic games right from Google Search results, with the likes of Pac-Man, Minesweeper and Snake being in the chart of Google's in-search game integration. Now, throwing up an Easter egg as a tribute to the ongoing Wimbledon 2019, Google has snuck in a secret game of tennis for all those who search for the tournament.

To find the game, search for Wimbledon or Wimbledon 2019 in Google, which would bring up the latest match results from the oldest tennis tournament. Within the results table, simply scroll to the right-most part of the categories, where you will discover a pixelated tennis ball, clicking on which brings up the game. Completely with quirky, early '90s digital beeps and 8-bit graphics replication, the Google Search version of Wimbledon is not just fun, but also incredibly addictive.

This is understandably a move by Google to have even those that are not strictly engaged in Wimbledon 2019 results to search for the tournament, just to find a fun, quirky game that is seemingly excellent in killing time. The no-frills game only needs you to control your character, and serve as many volleys as you can. The score reflects the total number of rallies that you can manage, and you only lose when you fail to return a shot.

Given the barebone approach to the game, the Wimbledon tennis tribute by Google certainly counts as one of the best ways by which you can procrastinate. The game is right now live on both the mobile and desktop web versions of Google search, and will presumably remain until the Wimbledon final concludes on July 14.

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