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Windows 10 May 2019 Update Reportedly Causing Isolated Freezes and Restarts

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Also called the Windows 10 1903 update, myriad posts on Reddit hint at an as-yet-unaddressed issue where the updated version of Windows is randomly freezing and rebooting, without warning.

Microsoft's problems with rolling out a perfect, stable and bug-free Windows 10 update look set to continue. After the reasonably appreciated Windows 10 May 2019 update (or Windows 10 1903 update) was rolled out and downloaded by millions, posts have surfaced on Reddit complaining of random system crashes, freezes and reboots occurring on isolated systems.

The issue, which has not seen a response from Microsoft yet, remains somewhat mysterious. For reference, there have been no confirmed patterns that have so far linked the crashes and reboots to a particular batch of cumulative updates or Windows version, and it is also not clear whether the same might be linked to any specific or unique driver that the complaining users may have in common.

It has also come to light that many users are receiving an error message, with error code 0x80073701, when attempting to install the Microsoft cumulative updates for Windows 10 for August 2019. The update, bearing code KB4512508, is reportedly failing to install in some PCs that have installed the May 2019 Windows 10 update. While Microsoft has acknowledged the issue four days ago, it is yet to issue a fix for the same. It is also yet to notify users whether the issue of PCs randomly crashing and rebooting is owing to one of its latest cumulative updates, and what might be a solution to it.

Ironically, one of Microsoft's newest features in the Windows 10 May 2019 update is a roll-backer, which will roll back the version of Windows to a stable, working one, if a particular bug causes a system to completely freeze from booting, and hence, manual recovery. While such a feature is indeed crucial given the frequency of problems that Microsoft is facing with its updates recently, it remains to be seen what eventual step does Microsoft take in order to get beyond these roadblocks.