Windows 10 November 2019 Update Causes File Explorer to Become Unresponsive

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Some users reported that File Explorer's search pane became unresponsive, locked, or frozen and had to be force closed and restarted.

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Microsoft recently began rolling out the Windows 10 November update for all users. According to a report, one of the major and evident changes in the new Windows 10 update is the new search experience for File Explorer. After upgrading Windows 10 to the latest November 2019 update, users can type in the search box of the File Explorer and should see a preview of suggested files and folder. The update also enables users to right-click on a suggested item to open the file's location.

However, the feature is causing a bit of a problem. Certain users have reported the File Explorer's search pane to be unresponsive, locked, frozen and has to be force closed and restarted. “Actually sometimes search box is getting totally stuck. In windows explorer (folders of window explorer process), it’s not clickable at all, neither right-click nor left click works, until you force restart windows explorer. That fixes it for a while until it gets stuck again,” a user was quoted as saying. Another user said that they have been facing a similar issue that others have been facing. Microsoft has disabled right-click on the search pane, however, it hasn't acknowledged the issue so far.


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