Windows Users Beware! Don't Fall for This Fake Windows 10 Update E-Mail

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Image for Representation

These spam emails claim to be from Microsoft and ask the recipients to click an attachment to receive the ‘latest critical update’, installing malicious malware.

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Microsoft had recently announced that it will put an end to Windows 7 support in January next year. This has forced a number of users to update to Windows 10, in order to get security updates and support from Microsoft. While you might think that any e-mail asking you to update to Windows 10 is authentic, that might not be the case. Trustwave, a computer security firm, has issued a notice regarding these spam emails. According to their report spammers are sending emails to some Windows users, with subject lines such as: ‘Install Latest Microsoft Windows Update now!’ or ‘Critical Microsoft Windows Update!’. While these might seem genuine, they are an invitation for a potential hack.

If you want to be aware and spot such emails beforehand, the security firm has also reported the contents of the mail. The email claims to be from Microsoft and include a single sentence message in the body and start with two capital letters. The mail asks the recipients to click an attachment to receive the ‘latest critical update.’ The file will appear to be in .jpg format, but according to the security firm, it is a .exe file. As soon as you open it, it installs malicious malware. If you get such an email, either delete it or change your password, to protect your system from the hack. Please note Microsoft never sends a mail to ask you to update to another version.

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