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Wistron Remains on Probation But Corrective Actions Taken at Karnataka Factory: Apple

Wistron Bengaluru plant. (Image Credit: Reuters)

Wistron Bengaluru plant. (Image Credit: Reuters)

An Apple spokesperson has confirmed that Wistron is now recruiting again for new workers at the factory, and everyone will be given a new training programme to understand their rights as employees.

Apple has announced that a full course of corrective actions have been completed at Wistron Corp’s factory at Narasapura in Karnataka. The actions come after questions were raised regarding the conditions under which the Wistron administration was employing its workers at the factory, which is one of the designated sites for the assembly of iPhones in India. In December 2020, workers at the Wistron Corp facility went on a rampaging spree vandalising property at the premises, basis which numerous discrepancies regarding the payouts given by Wistron to its employees came to light.

A statement shared with News18 by an Apple spokesperson says, “For the past eight weeks, teams across Apple, along with independent auditors, have been working with Wistron to make sure the necessary systems and processes are in place at their Narasapura facility. A comprehensive set of corrective actions has now been completed and Wistron has restructured their recruiting team and enhanced training and support for workers.”

“As Wistron begins the process of hiring team members and restarting their operations, everyone at the facility will undergo a new training program to ensure they understand their rights and how they can raise any concerns. Apple employees and independent auditors will remain on site to validate that the new processes are effective. We are dedicated to ensuring that workers are protected and treated with dignity and respect. Wistron remains on probation and we will monitor their progress closely,” the spokesperson further added.

Wistron, alongside Foxconn and Pegatron, are among the designated manufacturers of the iPhone – Apple’s portfolio of smartphones. The manufacturers have taken advantage of the special production linked incentive (PLI) schemes floated by the Indian government, and have been committing large investment sums to set up facilities in India. However, plans came to an abrupt halt for Wistron in December 2020, when reports arose about its misdemeanour with employees, who were left with very little explanation and progressive deductions from the salaries that they received.