World Mental Health Day 2020: Twitter Says Its Tools Can be Leveraged to Foster Dialogue

World Health Day 2020. (Image Credit: Twitter)

World Health Day 2020. (Image Credit: Twitter)

Given how 2020 has mostly been spent indoors battling the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of addressing mental health issues is more prominent than it ever was.

October 10 marks the World Mental Health Day, a day dedicated towards the issue of Mental Health. This is a day when everyone around the world does their bit to spread awareness about mental health issues. Micro-blogging site Twitter has announced its plans for this year's Mental Health Day. The company is promoting conversations around mental health by encouraging people to use the platform to share their experiences while reaching others. Twitter said that users can leverage its tools like Lists and hashtags to become part of a larger conversation on mental health. The company also said that with the help of its mental health partners in India and the world to foster dialogue on mental health. "Features on Twitter empower people to customise their feed to be able to discover and recomment accounts that resonate with what matters to them," Twitter said in a note.

Twitter said people can get more out of the conversation and engage in more conversations by using its features like lists. Further, the company has also activated an emoji on certain mental health hashtags. With the help of its partners, Twitter will promote official organisations, helplines, and authorities that produce authentic information on mental health, offer help and support, and promote constructive conversations on mental health. "Globally, Twitter has a list of international resources where people can go to find more information and details of relevant organisations within their respective countries," Twitter said. The dedicated emoji, the company said will appear with the hashtags #WMHD2020, #WorldMentalHealthDay, #LetsTalk, #MentalHealthForAll, #MentalHealth.

"Each compassionate Tweet brings the global conversation together to raise awareness and normalise the discussion around mental health. Take care of your mental health and encourage others to do so too, by being part of the conversation on Twitter," Twitter said in its note.

The issue of mental health has gained significant prominence this year, with things like the COVID-19 pandemic making things worse than they ever were for those going through such issue. The mental health issue also gained prominence in India after Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput died of suicide in June this year.

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