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World UFO Day 2018: Exploring The 'Roswell Incident' And The Possibility of Alien Life

By: Sarthak Dogra

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Last Updated: July 02, 2018, 11:24 IST

World UFO Day 2018: Exploring The 'Roswell Incident' And The Possibility of Alien Life

Are we alone in this universe or not? Both are equally terrifying possibilities.

Whether we are alone in this vast multi-verse or there is another life-form on some distant planet is a hotly debated question to date. Though no signs of extra-terrestrial activities have been made public officially, numerous incidents have been reported by people living in different parts of the world which went "unexplained" and were deemed as UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings. To embrace the possibility of such an existence, July 2 is celebrated as the World UFO Day across the globe.

While the governments have been surprisingly hush-hush about the presence of any such entity, there have been incidents which hint that even the governments are making efforts to know more on the topic. To recall, an ex-US Navy pilot had recently come out in the open with a UFO encounter that he had faced when on duty. As per David Fravor, who served as a US Navy pilot for 18-years, the UFO spotted by him was around 40-feet long with no wings and was hovering just over the water. “It accelerates and it's gone. Faster than I'd ever seen anything in my life” recalled Fravor.

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The unnerving incident was brought to light by Fravor just days after the Pentagon admitted that it was secretly running a program that was solely dedicated to the studying of UFOs. The program, better known as Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, continued from 2007 to 2012 and was the first such government initiative since the ‘Project Blue Book’, a similar study by the US Air Force which was shut down in 1969.

Such incidents confirm that although no solid proof of any alien-life has emerged till date, a search of the highest order is still on a lookout for the same. To mark this "search" or on a broader perspective, the possibility of another life form beyond Earth, World UFO Day is observed on July 2 every year. The tradition was started by renowned UFO hunter Haktan Akdogan and is aimed at encouraging the governments to disclose their UFO sightings data to the public.

In contrast, many celebrate the World UFO Day on June 24, which supposedly marks the first UFO sighting in the US by pilot Kenneth Arnold. July 2, on the other hand, acknowledges the Roswell incident, wherein a US Army's balloon had crashed back in 1947, sparking widespread rumours of a UFO crash-landing and the government trying to cover up the incident. Interestingly, after the NSA released the classified documents related to UFO sightings as a result of "Citizens Against Unidentified Flying Objects Secrecy v. National Security Agency" in 1980, it posted two different reports on the Roswell crash.

While one of the reports indicated a "radar-tracking balloon" in the crash, the other report, in the form of 'Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14', had no mention of the Roswell crash at all. What's even more intriguing about these reports is that even the former report had no details except for identifying the object as a balloon, citing a reason that "there was no requirement to prepare a report on the crash of a weather balloon" as per the laws at the time.

As of 2018 February end, the National UFO Reporting Centre of the US had reported as much as 436 UFO sightings within the year in the US. If even one of them turns out to be anything even remotely close to an alien life, our long sought after question will be answered with a 'Yes'. Whether it will be for the good or the bad, is an entirely different mystery.

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