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Xbox One Users Can Now Stream Their Console Games on iPhones and iPads

Xbox One Users Can Now Stream Their Console Games on iPhones and iPads

The Xbox Android app had given users the ability to play remotely last month. PlayStation 4 users had got this features months back.

Xbox One owners can now stream their Xbox One games on iPhones and iPads, as the Microsoft Xbox app’s latest update for iOS and iPadOS is now live. The new feature that allows users to remotely play console games on their iPhone and iPad devices is similar to the Remote Play feature on PlayStation 4, which has been there since quite a while. The new Xbox app is already available for download on the Apple App Store globally. Now, the ability to stream Xbox games on a mobile device is not to be confused with Microsoft’s xCloud cloud gaming service. While remote play streams games directly from a user’s Xbox, Project xCloud streams games from Microsoft’s servers. The Xbox Android app was also updated last month to add the remote play feature for Android users.

The Xbox iOS and iPadOS app will support Xbox One and Xbox Series X/ Series S games (in the future, of course), but won’t support games for older Xbox 360 and the original Xbox. The app supports the ability to access an Xbox console over Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The app also allows users to take control of their Xbox consoles from anywhere, even if they are not in a close proximity with the console. The Xbox app for Android was also refreshed recently with the ability to stream Xbox One games remotely. The new iOS/ iPadOS app carries forward the same UI from the Android app. The new apps also allow users to share and download their clips and screenshots from games more quickly. Further, the Xbox app users can manage their console space and delete apps straight from the mobile app.

The new iOS/ iPadOS app matches the new Xbox UI that the company has launched ahead of its upcoming Series X and Series S gaming consoles, which are scheduled to arrive on November 10.

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