Xbox Series X and Series S Will Play All Xbox One Games; Sorry, Almost All Games

Xbox Series X and Series S Will Play All Xbox One Games; Sorry, Almost All Games

An Xbox executive has stated that the company sent over 500,000 hours testing all the playable games on the new Xbox Series X and Series X. The new consoles won't run Kinect titles.

Microsoft has announced that upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles will run all games from the original Xbox, Xbox 360 and the One - minus the Kinect titles. The development was shared by Microsoft's director of program management for the Xbox Platform Team, Jason Ronald who in a tweet had stated that the company performed more than 500,000 hours of testing to confirm every playable game on the upcoming consoles. Nonetheless, it still is a good news for old Xbox users who are planning to upgrade to the new Series X and Series S of the Xbox consoles. Both the consoles by Microsoft will be available to purchase starting November 10 worldwide, including India.

The announcement about the Xbox Series X and Series S' backwards compatibility comes almost a month after Sony announced a similar update with the upcoming PlayStation 5 consoles. The PS5 consoles can play almost all titles from the PS4 except for 10 games, as revealed by the company recently. Ronald is his post on Twitter also added that most of the titles from old Xbox should "look and play better," on the upcoming consoles. Earlier this month, Microsoft started rolling out Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles' user interface (UI) for the existing Xbox One X and the Xbox One S consoles. The update was aimed at improving the previous-generation consoles' performance and overall look. Similarly, the new UI or what the company calls the new Xbox Experience is said to load 50 percent faster than it does in its current iteration.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X price in India is set at Rs. 49,990 while the Xbox Series S costs Rs. 34,990. Both the consoles' pre-order started in India last week amid the ongoing festive sale. Amazon and Flipkart had announced a bunch of sale deals for customers as well.

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