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Xbox Series X Leaked Pictures Confirm Ports, No HDMI-in or USB Type-C

Image: Thurrott

Image: Thurrott

Photos of a pre-production unit of the Xbox Series X suggests that the company is going to remove the HDMI-in port.

Microsoft has only given us a sneak peek at its next-gen gaming console, which is expected to launch in Q4 2020. We hardly have any solid information about the Xbox Series X apart from the fact it looks like a compact PC case. However, some new leaked images have now revealed the range of ports on the upcoming console.

The back panel of the Xbox Series X has been under speculation for a while, but not anymore. Thurrott’s Brad Sams has posted some photos showing the console’s vents, two USB-A ports on the back, one USB on the front, a single HDMI-out, an optical audio port, Ethernet, and a power-in. There is also a rectangular port which is most likely for diagnostics.

While the photos do seem authentic, these are from a prototype unit which means that the finished device could be quite different. However, the photos do make us wonder- why would Microsoft remove the HDMI-in port? If this ends up in the final build of the device, it could pretty much be the end for Xbox’s focus on TV features. Notably, there is no USB Type-C port either which is a shame considering it is now widely accepted.

The upcoming console will be backward compatible with all games, controllers, and accessories that are currently supported by Xbox One. According to Xbox Game Studios there are no immediate plans for first-party games to be exclusive to Xbox Series X. The company expects games to eventually phase out support for older models in the future as their specifications become too demanding.