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Xiaomi Announces That It Has Achieved 80W Fast Wireless Charging

Xiaomi 80W Fast Wireless Charging. (Image Credit: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi 80W Fast Wireless Charging. (Image Credit: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi already has a phone in the Chinese market that supports 50W fast wireless charging.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi had last year announced its 30W fast wireless charging that was capable of completely charging a 4,000mAh battery in just 69 minutes. Then, earlier this year the company introduced 40W and 50W fast wireless charging. Now, Xiaomi is taking that a step ahead as today, the company announced that it has achieved 80W fast wireless charging technology that can charge a 4,000mAh smartphone battery in just 19 minutes. Xiaomi said that this new leap is expected to set a new benchmark not only in wireless charging, but in charging as a whole.

The 80W wireless charging technology is capable of filling a 4,000mAh smartphone battery to 10 percent in just one minute, 50 percent in eight minutes, and 100 percent in just 19 minutes, this is a significant jump from the 30W wireless charging that the company offers currently. Xiaomi claims that its 30W wireless charging technology allows a 4,000mAh battery to charge completely in just 69 minutes. In its announcement, Xiaomi also said that this year it has broken its own record thrice in terms of achieving the fastest wireless charging technology. The company had, in March introduced 40W wireless charging, which was then left behind when the company achieved 50W wireless charging in August, and now it has broken that record as well with its new 80W wireless charging.

Xiaomi recently also launched its Mi 10 Ultra in China. The Mi 10 Ultra was launched with 120W wired charging and 50W wireless charging. 80W wireless charging does sound like an impressive feat. However, it is not known if charging a smartphone wirelessly at 80 watts would damage the battery, and to what extent. It will be interesting to see what Xiaomi does in order to keep up the battery health in the long run.

Along with the announcement, Xiaomi also shared a video that demonstrated the fast wireless charging on a 'modified' model of the Mi 10 Pro. In the video, the 80W wireless charger does appear to charge the battery to 100 percent in 19 minutes. However, all of it is subject to real world testing on standard phones. If true, the 80W prowess could make Xiaomi's technology the fastest wireless technology in the world.