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Xiaomi Hits Back at Blogger Who Criticised Company’s Low-Priced Phones

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A Chinese blogger who goes by the name Telco Panda, had said that low prices prevent a big country from upgrading to world-class technology.

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi took to microblogging platform Weibo to hit back at a blogger who had alleged that the brand makes phones that are too cheap, said a report published in South China Morning Post. The blogger, identified as Tongxin Xiao Xiongmao, or Telco Panda, is apparently a fan of Huawei phones. He had said low prices can be a “stumbling block” for a big country to upgrade to a world-class level, alleging that a huge number of Xiaomi users is a sign that there is something wrong with the country.

Responding to the allegation, Xiaomi vice president Lu Weibing said, “Taking developed countries as an ‘example’ is a lack of national self-confidence, Moreover, developed countries brought us brands like Walmart, IKEA, Costco, UNIQLO and other companies and brands, benefiting the whole world."

Xiaomi’s public relations manager Xu Jieyun and executive Pan Jiutang also supported their brand and accused Huawei of making cheap phones in the past. Following the reactions of the Xiaomi top guns, the blogger deleted the original post and has now posted that he supports Xiaomi and other companies in “expanding the country’s strength”.