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Xiaomi May Be Working on Smart Glasses With 4D Detection, Phototherapy Capabilities

Xiaomi patent. (Image Credit: ITHome)

Xiaomi patent. (Image Credit: ITHome)

Apart from Xiaomi, other brands like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, and more are also said to be working their own version of smart glasses.

Smart glasses seem to be an upcoming gadget that is garnering a lot of attention amid the tech community, if not everyone. Many mainstream tech companies like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, and more, alongside more offbeat and niche brands like Vuzix are said to be working on their own set of smart glasses with AR capabilities. Now, Chinese smartphone major Xiaomi is also being reported to be working on its version of the wearable. A recently-filed patent suggests that the company is working on its smart glasses that may include 4D detection and a new therapeutic signal emitter.

According to a recent report in ITHome, Xiaomi has been granted a patent for a "smart glasses and glasses case". The report said that the new therapeutic emitter feature will be capable of phototherapy, allowing the glasses to potentially help towards treating mental conditions. The report mentions that the light signals may include ultraviolet, infrared, laser, and visible light signals. There aren't many details about the product, apart from a blueprint image. However, it is being reported that it may also be capable of transmitting sound signals simultaneously with visual signals to enhance its capabilities and user experience.

Now, while it may seem convincing for Xiaomi to start working on smart glasses given how many brands are venturing into the new tech, this information is to be taken with a pinch of salt. A patent does not always confirm things as they seem. At times, companies do not even launch patented technologies as some patents are meant for trial and research and development basis.