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Xiaomi's Mi Air Charge Takes Wireless Charging to Next Level, Will Charge Devices Over The Air

(Image Credit: Xiaomi)

(Image Credit: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi will convert millimeter-wide wave signal into electrical energy via a rectifier circuit placed within the smartphone, in order to implement over-the-air charging with Mi Air Charge.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomihas unveiled its 'Remote Charging' technology called the Mi Air Charge. Mi Air Charge is a remote charging technology that can wirelessly charge multiple devices simultaneously over the air, meaning users won't have to connect any cables or place their devices on a wireless charging stand in order to charge. Confused as to how a smartphone can charge without the need of plugging it in, we will try to explain.

In a blog post, Xiaomi has shared some details on its new Mi Air Charge technology. The company says that its remote charging technology is currently capable of delivering only 5W of power to a single device over a distance of a couple of meters from the a self-developed isolated charging pile. The charging pile has five phase interface antennas to accurately determine the position of your mobile device. After determining the position, a phase control array composed of 144 antennas transmits millimeter-wide waves through beamforming. The receiving device (a smartphone, as demonstrated by Xiaomi) has a miniaturised antenna array with a built-in "beacon antenna" and a "receiving antenna array." The beacon antenna broadcasts the position information with low power consumption, while the receiving antenna array converts the millimeter wave signal emitted by the charging pile into electrical energy through a rectifier circuit.

What seems like a gadget straight out of a sci-fi movie, the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge is an impressive feat from Xiaomi in order to take the wireless charging technology a level further. Xiaomi, in the past couple of years, has emerged as a leader in charging tech. The company was the first to introduce 80W fast wireless charging and 120W wires charging. However, with Mi Air Charge, Xiaomi has cemented its position as a leader in charging tech even further.