Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2C at Rs 6499 Lands Ahead of Peak Pollution Season

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2C at Rs 6499 Lands Ahead of Peak Pollution Season

This is the more affordable air purifier in Xiaomi's line-up, though it doesn't have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Xiaomi has added a new air purifier to its product line-up in India. And good timing too, just ahead of the peak pollution season when the air quality in most Indian cities deteriorates significantly. It is called the Mi Air Purifier 2C and is priced at Rs 6,499. This now joins the Mi Air Purifier 2S which is retailing at Rs 8,999. Xiaomi says the Mi Air Purifier 2C has been designed particularly for the Indian market.

So, what do you get with the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2C? The familiarity with the more expensive sibling remains intact. This has a very similar tower design which means the 360-degree filter allows for a much wider intake than what most air purifiers would allow. The dual filtration HEPA filter can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns. There is an air quality indicator at the front and the purifier notifies you when it is time for a filter change—though that is a colour coded method and there is no AQI display. What the Mi Air Purifier 2C doesn’t have is Wi-Fi connectivity and it doesn’t hook-up with your smartphone to allow real-time monitoring and connectivity. Xiaomi says this is good for room sizes as large as 452 square feet.

The more expensive sibling, the Mi Purifier 2S is priced at Rs 8,999 and that has some additional features on offer for the extra money that you spend. There is an OLED display, for instance, that shows you information such as the air quality, the purifier operation mode and the temperature in the room. That has a laser sensor which monitors the room for particulate matter and other pollutants. The filter in this is a three-layer purification system and the Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to monitor and operate this from the Mi Home app (free for Android and iOS) in your smartphone.

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