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Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic: The Best Affordable Bluetooth Earphones That You Can Rely on

Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic: The Best Affordable Bluetooth Earphones That You Can Rely on

The newly launched earphones are yet another addition to the affordable list of products from the Chinese tech giant. But just how good are they, let us find out.

Md. Waquar Haider
  • Last Updated: March 30, 2019, 11:30 PM IST
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Xiaomi recently launched the Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic in India. The newly launched earphones are yet another addition to the affordable list of products from the Chinese tech giant.

The earphones come with a bunch of features. Firstly, it is certified as being sweat-resistant so the occasional splash of water won’t do it any harm. Dynamic Bass, Secure Fit earbuds and Bluetooth 4.1 are some of the other notable features. The battery is good enough to last for 9 hours on a full charge. There is an adjustable ear hook to make it convenient to wear so it doesn't fall off every now and then. Coming to the price, the Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic price in India is Rs 1,499 making it one of the most affordable options on the market. The wireless earphones are available in Black and White colour options.

Xiaomi Mi Earphones design:

In terms of design the Xiaomi Mi Earphones scores decent marks. Earbuds are made of high-quality plastic and feel durable and lightweight. As mentioned above, they do not fall out of your ears easily, even during intense activities. The Mi Sports Basic Bluetooth earphone offers you to control the playlist with the help of multi-functional buttons. The in-line remote can switch on/off the earphones, raise up or lower the volume, and includes an LED light indicator. There's a microUSB port to charge the earphones which is protected with a tight cover to prevent water from entering inside. Of course, there is also a microphone for hands-free calling. The ear tips feel comfortable and to accommodate the different sizes the customers may be looking for, Xiaomi has included five pairs of different sized ear tips. The easy and comfortable design allows one to easily carry these Bluetooth earphones in their pockets.

Xiaomi Mi Earphones performance:

The Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic come with Bluetooth 4.1 which can pair with any device in just a matter of seconds. It also connects with previously paired devices as soon as you turn it on, which is pretty convenient. Bluetooth connectivity works well under its operating range.

Talking about the main audio performance of earphones, it's beyond expectation. I used these earphones on a daily basis while traveling within the city and I must say the quality of sound it delivers is very impressive. Be it low, medium, or high volumes, the earphones’ output was clear and vibrant. The audio output was also well-balanced, and I thoroughly enjoyed my music streaming.

I also used these earphones while playing PUBG Mobile. The sound quality was what I expect from a Rs 1,500 earphones. The sounds of footsteps, gunshots or the conversation with my teammates was loud and very clear. The microphone performs well and is good enough when you are making phone calls or just in-game chats. The passive noise cancellation is fine, but it could have been better.

The Mi Sports Basic is fuelled with a 120mAh battery and the company claims that it is capable of delivering 9 hours of battery life when using it on medium volume and 260 hours of standby battery. My usage included a mix of tracks on high and medium sound levels, a few phone calls, and a bit of gaming. It managed to last for about 4 to 5 hours, which is pretty standard for most Bluetooth earphones these days. Also, it is notable that it takes 2 hours to get a full charge with a micro USB cable.


At the time of writing, the headphones are available for Rs 1,499 which makes them a good deal but do keep in mind that you have multiple options available in this price range from brands like Skullcandy, SoundLogic, and Boat. The Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic offer a decent choice for those who want a Bluetooth earphone to use through the day, from their morning walks to commute and office calls. It comes with a good build, loud and clear music along with a decent battery backup.

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