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Xiaomi Mi TV E Series, Mural TV Launched in China with Upto 4K HDR Art Display

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Last Updated: April 23, 2019, 19:28 IST

Xiaomi Mi TV E Series, Mural TV Launched in China with Upto 4K HDR Art Display

The latest lineup of Mi TVs are spread across a wide price range, and it remains to be seen if the company eventually brings it to India.

Xiaomi has launched a set of new TVs in China, under the Mi TV E series, and a standalone model under the Mi Mural TV lineup. The latest TVs are listed under the full-screen design language, and are offered in four screen sizes. While the E series Mi TVs are aimed at offering great value proposition, the Mural TVs are the de facto flagships in the Mi TV lineup, and offer a premium appeal against Xiaomi’s usual play of value.

The Mi TV E Series is now available in four sizes — 32-inch, 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch. The smallest of the bunch offers HD resolution output, along with 1GB memory and 4GB native storage, and is meant for basic content viewers. It is priced at 1,099 Yuan (~Rs 11,500). The 43-inch E Series variant features a full HD display panel, and higher native storage of 8GB. This variant is priced at 1,999 Yuan (~Rs 20,500). The larger variants, measuring 55-inch and 65-inch in panel sizes, both offer 4K resolution displays, and 2GB memory. This should make the TV interface work smoother, and the two TVs are priced at 2,999 Yuan (~Rs 31,000) and 3,999 Yuan (~Rs 41,500) respectively, in ascending order.

The Mi Mural TV, meanwhile, offers a few extra tinkerbells over the E Series biggies. These include an HDR-certified display, integrated far-field microphones for voice activated features, 2GB memory, 32GB native storage, and a soundbar and subwoofer bundle along with the TV. Xiaomi is marketing the TV as being equipped with a ‘picture frame’ mode, which insists that it can be used as an art installation in the living room, when not being viewed. It also comes with an AI assistant, which makes use of the integrated microphones.

Naturally, the Mural TV is pricier, and is priced at 6,999 Yuan (~Rs 72,500). It will be interesting to see if Xiaomi brings any of the televisions to India, in particular the Mural TV. In comparison to premium TVs, the Mural TV still offers good value proposition, and will stack up sharply against the art-series offerings from the likes of Samsung, which are priced significantly higher than the former. Given the product proposition, we hope to see it in India, soon.