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Xiaomi MIUI 12 to be Unveiled on April 27: Here’s Everything we Know


Last Updated: April 23, 2020, 15:09 IST

Xiaomi MIUI 12 to be Unveiled on April 27: Here’s Everything we Know

Xiaomi is planning to showcase its new custom user interface, MIUI 12, next week in China. The same announcement could also see the launch of Mi 10 Youth Edition and the Redmi Pad 5G.

Xiaomi is preparing to showcase its new user interface to the public next week. As per reports, the new MIUI 12 will be announced on April 27. The company has been teasing some of the new features and it seems there is going to be a focus on the dark mode, font adjustments, wallpaper dimming and more.

According to reports, the new MIUI 12 will be launched alongside a new variant of the Mi 10 called the Mi 10 Youth Edition. We recently reported that the company could also launch the Redmi Pad 5G, the first tablet offering 5G connectivity. A leaked teaser of the tablet also mentions MIUI for Pad which could be an indication that a special tablet version of MIUI will also be showcased.

As for MIUI 12, the company has already teased some of the features. During some AMA (ask me anything) sessions on Weibo the company has confirmed that MIUI 12 will come with improved and more uniform font styles, and there will be some optimisation when it comes to iconography and design language throughout the UI. There is also an upcoming feature that will allow users to remove unwanted people that have walked into your photo.

According to some leaks, the new MIUI 12 is going to come with ‘Wallpaper Dimming.’ Now it does exactly what it sounds like, but there is more to it. The new UI will be introducing Dark Mode 2.0 that will attempt to intelligently simulate a gradual light transition, depending on the time of the day. There still needs to be some clarity whether this feature will only work with some of the preloaded wallpapers available on the UI, or if a user can use any wallpaper for this feature to work.

The leaks also reveal a lot of information of how fonts will be handled on MIUI 12. There will be an option for font-weight adjustment where the UI will be able to automatically adjust the boldness of the text. This feature makes use of the dynamic font system that is already available on MIUI 11 and should work in both dark and light mode. With that, there will also be an option of font contrast adjustments to bring a more pleasant reading experience. Basically this feature will focus on the relative brightness and contrast difference between the black background and white text in Dark Mode 2.0.

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As mentioned above, the new MIUI 12 will be unveiled along with a new smartphone, presumably the Mi 10 Youth Edition. The handset is expected to feature a quad-camera setup offering up to 50x zoom. The handset is expected to have a periscope style system to achieve the zoom capabilities. It is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 765G chipset and the cameras would site in a square module sitting on the top left corner. We are not sure if Xiaomi plans to launch this handset in other markets apart from China. Speaking of which, the company is yet to launch the Mi 10 in India after the launch was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.