Xiaomi Poco F1 to Finally Get Widevine L1 Certification For Streaming Netflix, Prime Video in HD

Xiaomi Poco F1 to Finally Get Widevine L1 Certification For Streaming Netflix, Prime Video in HD

Poco F1 users won't have to submit their devices as they will be getting an over-the-air update which should include the certification.


Kunal Khullar

Xiaomi launched the Poco F1 last year, an affordable yet powerful device that quickly became a favorite, especially since it tried to tip the OnePlus 6. Shortly after the phone’s launch, there was a controversy that it didn’t ship with the Widevine L1 certification. This meant that apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video couldn’t stream content in HD.

The same issue was raised for owners of the OnePlus 5 and 5T, and the company had no choice but to ask users to send their phones in physically so that they could get the Widevine L1 certification. The reason for sending back the device to the company was because of the way Widevine Level 1 worked and involved on-device encryptions.

Poco was also quick to respond, however at the time, it had only announced that the company would be bringing Widevine L1 support to their handset. It has taken a while but the fix is finally here, and unlike OnePlus, Poco F1 users don’t need to send back their devices to get the certification. According to a report, Xiaomi will be rolling MIUI v10 9.25.2 beta which apparently includes the Widevine L1 certification.

Until now, it was assumed that a simple OTA (Over the Air) couldn’t add the Widevine L1 certification. According to a Google document around Widevine, “the keybox must be encrypted with a device-unique secret key in the TrustZone. This keybox must either be installed in the factory or delivered to the device using an approved secure delivery mechanism.” A OnePlus Community Manager stated that users had to physically send their devices to OnePlus so the provisioning could be done via an authenticated PC due to the security processes involved with updating the devices.

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