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Xiaomi Retains Lead as Indian Smartphone Shipments Reach a Record High of 49mn Units

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Representative image.

According to Counterpoint data, Xiaomi now holds 26 percent of the market in India, followed by Samsung, Vivo and Realme.

Xiaomi has extended its leading position in the Indian smartphone market by yet another quarter, accounting for 26 percent of the market for Q3 2019. Xiaomi's shipment volumes grew by 7 percent year on year, as the Indian smartphone market recorded an overall annual growth of 10 percent. This growth has resulted in a record high of 49 million smartphones shipped through the quarter, with strong discounts, online sales, new devices and the advent of the festive season helping smartphone shipments in India beat the economic slowdown that has significantly affected other industries so far.

In the Indian smartphone market, Xiaomi now holds 26 percent, followed by Samsung with 20 percent, Vivo with 17 percent, Realme with 16 percent and Oppo with 8 percent. Among the leaders, Samsung has had a relatively weak overall growth, showing a 4 percent overall decline even as the industry recorded higher shipments. However, Samsung has seen a short term revival with its new launch of budget smartphones, which showed a 3 percent revival in shipments over the previous quarter. According to Counterpoint, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 also had a positive impact on the brand's shipment numbers.

Contrary to Samsung, Vivo, Realme and Oppo had particularly strong quarters. Vivo grew to its highest market share ever in India, which is attributed to strong online sales in the mid-range segment of devices. According to Counterpoint, Realme saw shipment growth of nearly 6x, which saw its growth rise consistently through the past one year. Oppo, too, cashed in on popular budget and mid-range devices to see 12 percent shipment growth, even though its market share remained at the same point as the same quarter of 2018.

The market does not read so pleasant in the Indian feature phone market, which reportedly declined by 37 percent in shipments, as Reliance Jio stopped shipping new JioPhones to the market in order to clear out existing stock. As a result, Samsung has now taken over the lead in the feature phone market as well, shipping 22 percent of all feature phones in Q3 2019. Other significant players in this segment were Itel, Lava, Nokia and Karbonn.