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Yahoo Groups to Shut Down, Delete All Content Permanently

Yahoo Groups to Shut Down, Delete All Content Permanently

The Yahoo Groups website will be phased out in two steps. Users will first not be able to post new content, and then Yahoo will delete all previous posts.

A few years back, Yahoo completely owned the e-mail market. However, with time, the relevance of the company has faded. So much so that the Verizon owned company has taken the decision to phase out a number of its long-standing features, including Yahoo Groups. The company has confirmed that it will wind up the Yahoo Groups website in a two-phase process, eventually making it disappear. In the first phase, beginning October 28, the users will lose the ability to post new content on Yahoo Groups, followed by Yahoo deleting all ‘previously posted’ material on December 14 this year. This simply means that almost all of that internet history is going to be removed.

Yahoo, in a supporting document, revealed that a number of other features will also be removed from the site, starting October 28. These features will include Files, Polls, Links, Photos, Folders, Calendar, Database, Attachments, Conversations, Email Updates, Message Digest and Message History.

The document further cleared the Yahoo Groups will still exist through the mail. However, these groups will either be made private or require an administrator’s approval. In case you want to save the content from Yahoo Groups, you can save photos and files from the Yahoo Groups site. You can also download your data from the Privacy Dashboard. To communicate with your groups in future, you can do it so via email and search for private groups on the site. Interestingly, as mentioned in the document, “the (group) admins will continue to have limited access to group settings and administration tools.”