YouTube Music Updates Make It Easier to Stream Music on TVs

YouTube Music update. (Image Credit: YouTube)

YouTube Music update. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Google is focusing on YouTube Music as its primary music streaming app.

YouTube has announced several new features for YouTube Music on smart TVs and the new Google Chromecast with Google TV. YouTube announced the new features in a blog post on Monday, October 12. The YouTube TV app will also get an updated YouTube Music tab as part of the new changes. Among the new features announced, the ability to access uploaded music, saved playlists, and liked songs directly from the library are the two of the major changes, apart from a couple of visual tweaks.

For the YouTube TV app, users can now see their saved playlists and liked songs straight from the YouTube Music tab within the main YouTube app. Further, smart TV users will get updated visuals to showcase album and playlist artwork more prominently, making it easier to find music. On the other hand, users on Android TV OS and the new Chromecast with Google TV will now be able to access their uploaded music from their TV app - YouTube music is one of the few music apps that allows users to upload their own music.

Further, Android TV OS and new Chromecast users will also get a new screen to look at when their music is playing. The new playback interface includes information like the song and artist name, and a progress bar as the music plays. A new YouTube Music row has been added on the Android TV home screen as well, in order to help users access their music more quickly.

YouTube Music has now become Google's primary music streaming service. The company is already in progress of shutting down its Google Play Music streaming service.

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