Zoom Adds Otter's Video Captioning Tool to Eliminate 'Miscommunication' During Live Calls and Webinars

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Image source:'s live video captioning for Zoom is only available for Otter for Business users and Zoom Pro subscribers. The feature is an extension of Otter Live Notes for Zoom, launched in April.

Zoom, the video conferencing platform, is adding a new tool that aims to eliminate miscommunication during live video calls. Dubbed as live video captioning, the feature is provided by online transcription service company that already has its Live Notes integrated to platform for users with premium plans. Otter in a blog post has said that the live video captioning feature would essentially remove any barrier to "digital business communications" that companies often face during online video calls and webinars via Zoom. The tool is currently available for Otter for Business users and Zoom Pro subscribers or higher.

Otter also adds that the live video captioning would enable organisations to meet accessibility requirements that are in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Users with Otter for Business will get this feature for no additional cost. The live video captioning feature works for those Zoom users who have Otter Live Notes integrated with the platform. The Otter Live Notes was launched in April and provided a transcript of the live video calls in a separate window, next to the Zoom web platform. Therefore, the new feature is an extension of Otter's previous technology, and now, captions will be displayed at the bottom of the video-call screen, as showcased on the Otter website.

Notably, the Otter live video captioning for Zoom only works with the English language. It is unclear whether the feature would get support for other languages in the future. The company adds that organisations including Accenture, Dropbox, IBM, and UCLA are already using Otter Live Notes - that further means that these companies will receive the live video captioning feature for Zoom. Speaking more about the development, Sam Liang, CEO and founder of says that live video captioning removes the significant problem of miscommunication during work from home, therefore "heightening organisations productivity and efficiency."

Otter live video captioning feature is similar to Google Duo's latest captions for audio and video messages that was launched in August this year. However, the captions on Duo only transcribes audio from recorded video and voice messages, and not live video calls. Recently, Zoom starting rolling out end-to-end encryption across all its apps on various platforms. However, Zoom has clarified that enabling end-to-end encryption will disable several other features, which include live transcription, cloud meeting recordings, live streaming to social handles, and Breakout Rooms.

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