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Zoom Is Temporarily Removing Its 40 Minute Limit on Video Calls for Thanksgiving Day

Zoom Video conferencing

Zoom Video conferencing

Last month, the famous video conferencing tool started rolling out end-to-end encryption.

Video conferencing giant Zoom has said that it will forego its forty-minute limit on free video calls temporarily on the occasion of thanksgiving. The removal of the 40-minute limit on video calls will come in effect from midnight on Thanksgiving Day, which is on November 26 till 6AM ET (4:30 pm IST) on November 27. This, the company said will be a global development and people across the world will be able to enjoy longer video calls.

Zoom announced the temporary removal of the 40-minute limit on its official Twitter handle, saying that the temporary relaxation will be put in place on Thanksgiving, “so your family gatherings don’t have to cut short," the tweet said. Zoom’s 40-minute restriction has been an issue for those who use the platform extensively, as it forces teams to restart calls after the 40-minute limit is reached. Like Zoom, other video conferencing tools also have a time-limit on video calls. For example, Google Meet limits video calls to 60 minutes.

Zoom has recently also started rolling out its end-to-end encryption after months of debacles surrounding the app’s privacy and security measures. The company had last month said that its is using 256-bit AES-GCM end-to-end encryption standard for encrypting all forms of communication on the app. Once enabled, Zoom will use public key cryptography to distribute encrypted keys, using which a meeting host can distribute secure invites for participants to join.

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