Bigg Boss 8: 10 factors that give Gautam Gulati an edge over others, can help him win the show

Bigg Boss 8: 10 factors that give Gautam Gulati an edge over others, can help him win the show

While there is still some time for the name of the winner of 'Bigg Boss 8' to be announced, we tell you why Gautam Gulati can be the viewers' choice.

The journey from getting the roles in serials to getting the name "Gullu" must have been speechless for Indian TV actor Gautam Gulati, who came into the limelight from the television serial 'Diya Aur Baati Hum'.

From the last few months, Gautam has been facing the odds and evens in the 'Bigg Boss' house. And finally he managed to keep all the hurdles aside and make his way to the finale of 'Bigg Boss' season 8. Although Gautam didn't always get the support that he needed inside the house, but he managed to get it from his audience and well wishers whenever he needed them the most. And that what matters the most - getting love from the audience rather than getting sympathy from other contestants in the house.

There must be an X-factor in him due to which he has been able to reach the finale of 'Bigg Boss 8'. We bring to you 10 factors which can help Gautam Gulati win the reality show this year.

Massive impact of his TV projects: The fact that television serials has deep roots and have an immense impact on its masses, can surely work in Gautam's favour as he has acted in various daily soaps and became successful in establishing himself in the industry.

A complete package: It is said that Bigg Boss is a reality check and unveils the real personality of the people living in the house. Just like the other contestants same happened with Gautam and this reality show revealed his real nature. People saw different sides of Gautam - from his joyful behaviour to an angry young man, his naïve behavior and even his emotional break-down. In other words he was a complete package of emotions and drama in the show.

The "Kiss" controversy: The "Kiss ka Kissa" between Gautam and Diandra Soares is all what comes to our mind when we think of both these (then) co-contestants in the 'Bigg Boss'. The entire controversy made headlines in the media, brought both the personalities into limelight and it became a hot topic of discussion. Even though he was projected in a negative manner, this incident brought popularity to Gautam.

Faithful attitude towards Puneet: Back-stabbing, backbiting and gossips, this is what Bigg Boss is known for. It is seen that very few people remain together till the end, and one of these few individuals is Gautam who has always been with Puneet Issar in good as well as hard times in the house. Gautam has always been truthful towards Puneet even when the latter mocked him for his misbehavior.

'Ghajini' moment: It was during his fights and arguments with Upen Patel when Gautam was seen holding a rod and dragging it on the floor - trying to replicate what was shown in the film 'Ghajini'. In all these years in the Bigg Boss house, many weird things have happened, but this one definitely grabbed the attention of the viewers and the in-mates. Gautam was seen holding that rod a couple of times, as if he was into the character of Ghajini featured in the film.

'Dostana Part-2' in house: "Mouth-to-Mouth" is the kind of immense love that the viewers have been seeing from last few weeks between Gautam and Ali Quli Mirza. The kind of relation both of them are sharing is a fun to watch. There have been situations when both of them were fighting and howling at each other and then suddenly their fight takes a U-turn and the war of words between the two, with a twist of dance and teasing, becomes interesting and is worth seeing.

Isolated, yet boosted: Wrong equation with Preetam, eviction of two dearest friends Diandra and Puneet from the house left Gautam with a sense of emptiness. There was a time when Gautam felt secluded and started losing his grip, but later he regained himself and came back with positivity. His never-give-up attitude grabs the attention of the people.

Aggression in tasks: It is a well known fact that Gautam is a very strong contender and hard to be beaten in the tasks. The amount of aggression he puts in, in each and every task is known by all and has been appreciated. This clearly indicates his potential of becoming the winner.

Style: A part from his looks and physique, the style here is referred to techniques that he used to deal with the in-mates. His "I don't give a damn attitude" on Sonali Raut hitting on him, the way he flirted with Diandra and of course the spicy-hot arguments with his in-house foe Karishma Tanna - his "andaaz" has been totally stylish whether dealing with friends or rivalries.

Silent yet sensible: In last few weeks there has been a time when Gautam turned into a silent mode. There were people who were missing the old Gautam Gulati, but at the same time there were few who liked the silent yet sensible side of Gautam. It appeared as if the young man was more sensible and enlightened when he was silent.

There's no doubt that Gautam is a tough competition and he do posses the qualities that are required to be a winner. But at the end of the day, the audience will decide and time will tell us that who will be the ultimate winner of Bigg Boss season 8.

  • First Published: January 30, 2015, 10:33 IST
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