I'm ok if I am invited to add glamour in 'Bigg Boss 9': Nora Fatehi

I'm ok if I am invited to add glamour in 'Bigg Boss 9': Nora Fatehi

New Delhi: Model-turned-actress Nora Fatehi, who will be the fifth wild card entrant in 'Bigg Boss Nau', says she is okay if she has been invited to the 'Big Boss' house to add a glamour quotient to the ongoing reality TV show.

"I am okay if I have been invited to the house in order to add glamour. I will make sure that I do so 24 hours then," Nora told IANS.

Keen to enter the show, which is hosted by superstar Salman Khan, the 'Roar: Tigers of Sundarbans' actress shared that the very reason she signed up as a wild card entrant is the big platform that the show provides contestants due to its wide reach.

"I am very keen on 'Bigg boss' because it is a very big platform. I always wanted to participate in something where I can show my talent, my capabilities and also reach a mass audience. Everybody watches 'Bigg Boss'," she said.

Nora, who has made several special appearances in Telugu films like, 'Baahubali: The Beginning', 'Kick 2' and 'Sher', says all she wants from the show as of now is acceptance from the audience.

"It would be great if I win, but I do not want to be over ambitious. As of now, all I want is to provide entertainment and want the audience to accept me as the human being that I am. I want people to like me, and I want to perform really well. I want to be there without being cunning and all," Nora said.

Asked if she was sceptical before joining the house, which is well known for controversies, difficult tasks, cat fights and the very fact that the contestants are cut off from the outside world, Nora said: "I have done a lot of crazy things in my life and I do not regret anything."

"It is kind of similar to the first film that I did. We shot in the middle of the Sunderbans and were cut off from the world for 40 days... So it is quite the same. I always cherish that experience. I would never regret that. I am an adult. When you go in, you have to go in with that competitive mind," the "Mr.X" actress added.

"Bigg Boss Nau" features celebrity contestants in a game of survival wherein they are locked in an isolated house for around three months sans the luxuries they are used to, under 24X7 camera surveillance.

The episode will be aired on Monday on Colors.

  • First Published: December 6, 2015, 18:29 IST
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