Why we should not be too hopeful about an Indian remake of 'The Newsroom'

Why we should not be too hopeful about an Indian remake of 'The Newsroom'

Praying really hard that this show does justice to its alleged 'inspiration'. And hoping we don't see the 'CID' in it.

Rajeev Kandelwal, dressed in a nice suit, glances at the camera with a supposed piercing look and says "Kuch khabarein hoti hain. Kuch banayi jaati hain." and sips on a mug of steaming hot coffee.This the promo for an upcoming television show called 'Reporters' and it is about, well, a newsroom and reporters struggling with their work and personal lives and moral and ethical dilemmas. Where have we heard of that before, because it sounds very familiar? Oh yes, right. There is also this HBO television series called 'The Newsroom' that deals with pretty much that.While I really hope that this show will not be a rip-off, I am sure that I will be disappointed in ways more than one.The description the YouTube video for the teaser reads "It is the story of two people finding love in a complex and cut throat world of journalism ... where there is no right or wrong way of looking at news AND life. Will Ananya and Kabir's love survive when they find themselves on opposite sides of the debate on ethics? Passion for news brought them together. Will their ambitions tear them apart?" and that tells us a whole lot about it.I would, any day prefer a word for word rip-off of the HBO show rather than an brilliant attempt to customize it according to the tastes and preferences of the Indian television audience, because an Indian version of 'The Newsroom' sounds like a good idea, on paper. But mostly because customizing it will most definitely mean more focus on the romantic interests of the characters as compared to their actual work. It would probably also focus a lot more on the mom, the dad, the unemployed brother, the unmarried sister, the nosy neighbor, the spineless uncle, the perpetually conspiring aunt, the brat first cousin, the estranged second cousin etc. than what goes on inside a newsroom. Add to that, it might just have regular visits from the 'CID' team because pimping out different shows from the same channel is the only way to go about it. And finally, it is unlikely to go into an in-depth analysis of the current political scenario of the nation is.I hope I am woefully wrong and that the show brings about a revolution in the Indian Television industry. I also hope that Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the original show 'The Newsroom' does not find out about this.


Just in case you haven’t seen it, here is what the original show looks like.

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