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Erstwhile Afghan Foreign Ministry Calls Taliban's Interim Cabinet 'Illegitimate' and 'Unjustifiable'

(Image: AFP)

(Image: AFP)

Afghanistan-Taliban Crisis Updates: Taliban has issued a new diktat for protesters to 'seek permit' from the Ministry of Justice and the security agencies at least 24 hours before holding a demonstrations.

The foreign ministry under the erstwhile government of Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has described the interim cabinet formed by the Taliban as “illegitimate" and “unjustifiable", saying the decision goes against the will of the people of the country. It said the announcement of the “so-called Taliban cabinet" will result in undermining Afghanistan’s political, ethnic and social diversity and undermine the prospect of a comprehensive and lasting peace in the country.

All diplomatic missions of Afghanistan will continue their normal functions and duties based on the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, a statement issued in the name of the foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said. “The announcement by the Taliban of its so-called cabinet as illegitimate and unjustifiable," the statement said, adding the decision to form the cabinet goes against the will of the “absolute majority" of the people of Afghanistan.

Three weeks after taking control of Afghanistan, the Taliban on Tuesday unveiled a “caretaker" government. The Taliban seized control of Kabul on August 15 after Ghani fled the country.

The statement said the Afghan Constitution is the supreme law of the land and serves as the main source of legitimacy for upholding and advancing the national interest, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country. The statement was released here by the Afghan embassy.


“On the contrary, the announcement of the so-called Taliban cabinet is comprised of individuals who not only are against the national security and stability of Afghanistan but who also pose a serious threat to the security and stability of the region and global community at large," it said. There is no immediate reaction to the statement by Indian officials.

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first published:September 09, 2021, 07:37 IST